ENCONís Construction Materials Testing Laboratory is equipped to provide full-services in soils, concrete, masonry, asphalt, and aggregates. ENCONís field
and laboratory technicians have the credentials and experience to meet our Clientís requirements for Quality Assurance or Quality Control Testing. Our Firm has
been providing these services in the southwest since opening our doors in 1989. Over the years, weíve maintained our proficiency by in-house training and by
subscribing to two proficiency testing programs, namely, the AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) and the Cement and Concrete Reference
Laboratory (CCRL). National Calibration Services maintains our equipment calibration requirements on a yearly basis. For the last fifteen years ENCON has
been qualified for federal government projects by the US Armyís Corps of Engineers, Materials Testing Center. Our extensive Quality Control Plan has been
formalized as a comprehensive written document, which is available for review.

Nuclear Density
Sand Cone Density
Gradation & Atterberg Limits
Specific Gravity
Permeability Testing
Unconfined Strength
Soil Proctors
California Bearing Ratio (CBR)


Concrete field & lab testing
Concrete Strenght of Cylinders
Flexural Strenght of Beams
Concrete Mix Designs

Compressive Strength of Mortar
Compressive Strength of Prisms
Mortar Mix Design
Grout Mix Design

Pavement Mix Design
Stability & Flow
Bitumen Extraction
Aggregate Gradation
Specific Gravity
Nuclear Density

Moisture Content
Specific Gravity
Los Angeles Abrasion
Flat/Elongated Pieces
Fractured Faces

Construction Materials Testing